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Let's make sure you "complete" your project

Kats and his team have been producing and arranging for artists and company from all over the world. In 2013, he had been in a part of the project with Faye Wong (China) and produced a debut EP with Yaojia Jiang, who was a runner-up for the televised audition show "The Song" in China. He also had opportunities to co-produce up-and-coming artists with 3-times Grammy winner Dave Isaac (Marcus Miller, Herbie Hancock).

Ever since then, he had been helping more and more songwriters with not only for their songs, but also for their music video production and artist development. In 2016, he decided to launch his own production company. Currently he is working on multiple EPs and Albums with aspiring songwriters.  

He works from his own home studio along with many other studios located in Los Angeles. Check out the productions from button below!

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